Tuesday, April 29, 2008

new hair style..

on sunday, i went to saloon with my cousin... i want to do rebonding but not enough time to do... so just cut n wash lor...

de touch at sungai petani..

2nd floor for muslim..

my cousin

very stylish interior design..

huh my 'langsuir' hair
cut it short

she want to perm my hair, its free ok... just want to see either suit me or not

from the back
so fat :(
me wif cindy.. nice girl
going back..but must put tudung lor..
at home

any comment for my hair? but its not permanent one...

1 comment:

  1. aerkk.. ok x hairstylist dia?
    i'm very fussy in choosing hair saloon. i've just moved back in town and haven't trust anybody to cut my hair..i went to detouch in taman sejati and got this boy name william cut for me ok la.. but he is not dare enough to gimme supershort pixie like my hairstylist before!!! damn.. i want new hairstylist.. any good saloon to suggest? ;)