Friday, August 1, 2008

last day fasting..

last day fasting.. happy!!
this year i can finished it earlier.. not like before so do damn lazy..
so today my old friend want to belanja me here after a long time i never go there..
here we go........ nasi bubur :)
so nice rite?

my old old friend..not bcos he is older than me n almost same age like my father, but i know him since i was studying in university.. my chatter in n become my friend.. after my late bf died i started meeting him personally n sometimes we went out with my close friends to karaoke.. n my close friends always call him 'papa'.. haha
oppss the pic is not center la.. what to do.. :p
waiting for the order n maghrib time..
here my tired face .. very stressful thursday!
see all the dishes for the nasi bubur..

so so so fulled...

thanks for the dinner..

thanks for the new cloth..

thanks for the gadget.. :p

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